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>Our Public Responsibility and Controlling Measures

1.The environmental infection to the society mainly includes wastewater,waste gas and waste solid etc.

The company first obtained ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification in its industry,and environmental management work was carried out in accordance with ISO14001:2004 standard and corresponding laws and rules.It was honored with "Eco-friendly Enterprise of Weifang city"in three successive years from 2008 to 2010.

2.Measure for energy consumption and comprehensive utilization of resources

The necessary energy for normal production includes water (tap water, softening water), electricity, coals, compressed air, steam, etc. In order to reduce the energy consumption, on one hand, we improve the energy saving consciousness of staff, start from little things around and put an end to the water leakage phenomenon; on the other hand, we encourage all the staff to make reasonable suggestions to energy conservation, and promote relative reform on energy conservation. Furthermore, it effectively reduces energy consumption by strengthening technological innovation and taking new technologies and energy-saving equipments. For example, soft water in rear area of machine is recycled to wash the front area to achieve recycling use of water and considerable reduction of water consumption per ton. In September 2009, the company took new high efficient and energy saving technologies to reconstruct coal-fired boilers. After the reconstruction, the operating efficiency increased by 10.35%, coal-saving rate reached 12.95% in the same condition and the energy-saving results were obvious.

3.Measures taken for safety production

The company first passed GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification in its industry, and worked out various management files for safety production in accordance with GB/T28001 standard requirements to standardize the safety production duties of staff from all levels. It carried out comprehensive identification of hazardous sources in accordance with system requirements, recognizing 252 hazardous resources, 6 major hazardous sources, 4 occupational diseases, and drawed up systematic management plans on hazardous sources.

Strengthening the safety education and training for the employees, such as special operators like welders, boilers etc. must work after obtaining qualification certificate through professional training; all the manufacturing departments must carry out safety checks on facilities and production areas regularly and make timely rectification; carrying out safety inspection on special equipments regularly according to relevant national regulations; attaching importance to security protection for employees and providing the workers labor protection supplies, heat-proof and cold-proof materials etc. in accordance with industry standard.

4.Our products are in the leading position, which can meet the technological, economic and environmental standard in line with the requirements of national laws and regulations. We imported the advanced Switzerland-made Maurer machines, optimizing production techniques and using new materials, continuously improving technology and quality of products according to requirements of ISO9001 quality management system.

5.Establish the key control target of quality, environmental and occupational health & safety management system.

1)Quality management: The first time qualification rate of finished products, contract performing rate, first grade rate of products, controlled rate of key procedures, customer satisfaction;

2)Environment management: the attainment rate of sewage discharge, exhaust emission, factory noise, and waste solid dumping;

3)death rate of workers on duty, serious injury rate, wounded rate of workers, annual health checkup rate.

>The company mainly takes the following measures

1.Entrusting environmental monitoring unit with regular monitoring of various types of pollution sources and timely prediction of insidious threats possibly caused by current pollutant emission.

2.Fixing on-line monitoring instruments of boiler waste gas and real-time monitoring concentration of smoke and gas to ensure reaching the emission standard.

3.Carrying out environmental impact assessments on new project, comprehensively evaluating possible environmental problems after operation of the project, and meanwhile proposing measures to prevent and control.

4.Find hidden danger of special facilities in time by inspection of Quality and Technology Supervision Sector, and actively take measures for rectification to ensure safety in production.

5.Emphasizing all kinds of safety education and training, improving safety consciousness, safety manipulative skills, and hazard identification ability of employees, defining and correcting kinds of unsafe behaviors to reduce accidents.