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Legal Statements

Thanks for visiting Shandong Henglian New Materials Co.,Ltd. website (hereinafter called this website). Please read terms herein carefully before visiting this website. Once visiting this website means you have known and accepted these terms.

1)This website is the unique official website of Shandong Henglian New Materials Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called Henglian New Materials Co. for short). All copyrights are reserved by Henglian New Materials Co.

2)All texts and pictures on this website are prohibited from reprinting, copying, editing without written permission of Henglian New Materials Co. No other person or organization can distribute information in whatever forms to other parties, or make copy or save the information in other servers or files, or alter or re-use any resources of this website. If intending to re-upload information of this website, you must obtain the written permission of Henglian New Materials Co.

3)Already using the information authorized by this website, please use it within the authorization limitation and indicate source:Henglian New Materials Co.. Those who violate the above declaration will be investigated for the relevant legal responsibility by this website.

4)All the content of this website is for serving visitors better. Although Henglian New Materials Co. tries to make information published in this website accurate, we cannot guarantee or promise the complete accuracy, timeliness and integrity of the information in this website. Therefore the website content is only for the personal use and reference.

5)All the other rights are reserved by this website. All the contents and copyrights of other websites linked to our website are in the charge of corresponding suppliers and owners. This website bears no direct or indirect business or legal responsibilities for their contents, forms or quality.

6)The link between this website and the third-party website is only a service offered to you. If using these links, you will leave this website. Henglian New Materials Co. does not censor any third-party website, or control these websites and their contents, or bear any responsibilities. If you decide to visit any third-party website linked with this website, the possible results and risks are all born by yourself.

7)The copyright of the data and some pictures reprinted by this website belongs to its own author. Nobody can use them for commercial purpose. This website bears no responsibility for the reprinted part.

8)Any dispute about this declaration or this website shall be solved through consultation. If it is failed, all parties involved agree to solve it lawfully to court.

9)Henglian New Materials Co. reserves the rights to further interpretation of above declaration.