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Pricacy Policy

Shandong Henglian New Materials Co.,Ltd. (herein called Henglian Cellulose Film Co. for short) respects and protects visitors privacy. When visiting website of Henglian Cellulose Film Co. (herein called this website), you can take the maximum control of personal data. Usually you can visit this website without disclosing any personal information, however, we need your information like your name and address sometimes. We would let you know before obtaining your personal information from the internet:

1)Personal information is voluntarily provided: Users can choose to voluntarily provide some personal information for us (such as name, e-mail, address, telephone etc.), so that we could offer you more individualized service, for example, sending brochures, product information, questionnaires, etc.

If you provided your e-mail address through this website before, and hope not to receive our e-mail reminding service afterwards, you can send your requirements to www@hlblz.com through contact us or call the network service hotline of Henglian Films Co. so that we could remove the data immediately to ensure that you would not receive similar e-mail.

This website promises not to disclose your personal information without your explicit agreement. When we offer information for the third-party, unless you ask us to use other forms, we would employ the gross statistical form, which is obtained by compiling the answers of all visitors member register, group online behaviors and reply to the survey.

2)Hiding information Cookies and log files: This technology can supply you with precise information. The website transfers Cookies to your browser, and stores them in your system. Some pages of this website may employ Cookies to enable you to get better service when re-visiting our website. You could set up your browser to be informed when receiving Cookies, so that you could decide whether to accept it or not. Please refer to the help of your browser to get information about Cookies.

3)Safety: This website takes all reasonable measures to protect users information. It is under our protection after being transferred to us.

4)Links with other websites: This website includes links with other websites, but we bear no responsibility for their contents or behaviors to privacy.

5)Modification of terms: The rights to modify the privacy terms is reserved by Henglian Cellulose Film Co. at any time.